What hell is Anthropocene era?

fisheye lens aerial photo of Manhattan

Fisheye lens aerial photo of Manhattan (as used in Geoscientist)

I used this term, somewhat carelessly, in a recent post. However, if anyone is in any doubt as to what I meant, this article in this month’s Geoscientist magazine, by award-winning geologist Emlyn Koster, is a very good ‘pump-primer’ on the subject. I was particularly struck by a prophecy made in 1948, by the late Astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle (1915-2001), to the effect that concern for our environment would come of age once “a photograph of the Earth taken from [space] is available“… and guess what; he was right! For the avoidance of any doubt, the Anthropocene is a label given to the period of time over which human activity has had what will be a lasting impact on the planet. Whether you define that as being 200 years since we started burning fossilised carbon at ever-more unsustainable rates, or as 12,000 years since we invented deforestation and agriculture, the point is that you must accept that we are having a lasting impact on the planet, the effects of which will take tens if not hundreds of thousands of years to be undone.
Apollo 8 Earthrise photo (1968)

The banner image on my old Earthy Issues blog (adapted from Apollo 8 Earthrise photo in 1968).


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3 Responses to What hell is Anthropocene era?

  1. pendantry says:

    ‘What hell is Anthropocene era?’ Or ‘What the hell is the Anthropocene era?’ Does it matter? And if it matters, does it matter that it matters?


  2. weatherdem says:

    I read this term for the first time earlier this summer and have seen it crop up consistently since. I think it adequately describes our activities over the past 12,000 years, but especially the past 200.


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