The road to hell is paved with good inventions

…that are not true! Earlier this year, I posted a review of Prof. Ian Plimer’s most recent 500-page epic, Heaven and Earth: Global Warming – the Missing Science, on under the title “Nice book (cover) – shame about the facts!” I was not the only one to criticise it but, it is a sad indictment of the population as a whole that the average rating for the book is 4 stars; and nearly 60% of reviewers have given the book 5 stars (i.e. the top rating)! Regrettably (for Plimer), the book is full of red-herrings, misinformation, and false claims. One of the most stupendously stupid claims made, especially given that the author was once a well-respected geologist, is that volcanoes emit more carbon dioxide (CO2) than humans; and that humans are therefore not the cause of global warming (note the implicit acceptance that CO2 is causing the atmosphere to warm up). Therefore, in this month’s Geoscientist magazine Ian Plimer is heavily criticised for making this claim by Colin Summerhayes (the Vice President of the Geological Society); who cites the latest United States Geological Survey analysis as having concluded that, on an average annual basis, human activity is responsible for 135 times more CO2 emissions than all the world’s volcanoes (on land and underwater) combined. Unfortunately, as with all denialist arguments, such misleading and/or false claims are often made but hardly-ever publicly retracted. Even more unfortunately, however, they are almost invariably seized upon by scientifically-illiterate commentators such as Christopher Booker, James Delingpole, and Melanie Philips; who also never admit they are wrong – even when subsequent research shows the original claims to have been wrong – and guess who the majority of people depend upon to make their minds up about stuff like this… That’s right… Hence the overwhelmingly-positive customer review data on! It really is a case of the blind leading the blind and, yes, unless they can be stopped, we all (blind and sighted alike) are going to end up in a very hot place. This is just one example of how misinformation has been stated, circulated, and endlessly repeated. However, one day it will have to stop (just as it did with the pro-smoking propaganda). Like a wildfire started with one little spark by an arsonist, climate change denial can, at times, seem like an unstoppable force but, with extreme weather of all kinds now becoming more frequent (just as the IPCC predicted), I think its days are numbered. At least, I really do hope they are numbered, because it is already two years since it became the widely-accepted view amongst relevantly-qualified experts that emissions reductions (alone) are not the answer. This is because the cumulative total of emissions determine the eventual temperature rise we will see (by the latter half of this century). Therefore, we must move towards a zero carbon economy as soon as possible: If you consider the cumulative total to be the area under a line on a graph then it becomes clear that the later we leave it to take action, the faster we will have to reduce emissions to prevent the same amount of eventual climatic change.


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Possibly just another 'Climate Cassandra' crying 'Wolf' in cyberspace. However, the moral of the old children's story is that the Wolf eventually turned up!
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7 Responses to The road to hell is paved with good inventions

  1. klem says:

    ” climate change denial can, at times, seem like an unstoppable force but, with extreme weather of all kinds now becoming more frequent (just as the IPCC predicted), I think its days are numbered. ” Um, you think climate denial’s days are numbered? Ok let’s see, since Climategate the publics beleif in CAGW has dropped from about 70% to about 45%, the US Congress has moved from being mostly climate alarmists to mostly climate deniers today, the IPCC has lost almost all of its credibility worldwide due to scandals, the Chicago Climate Exchange has gone out of business, Cap&Trade is dead almost everywhere in the world now, environmental funding is being slashed all over the world, climate change was not discussed at all at the last G8, green tech companies are going out of business, Cancun was attended by almost no world leaders or media and Durbin will be even less attended, climate skeptic science papers are now being peer reviewed and skeptic science is mounting, Al Gores ’24 hours’ thingy was a total flop, … did I miss anything? Yea, climate denial’s days are numbered alright. Dream on. cheers


    • Rick_Altman says:

      Hi Klem, Have you popped-over from Wattsupwiththat? by any chance? If so, well done for being brave enough to post a comment here. However, like I said over there, the above are all yet more examples of victories for the “enemies of reason“. You have no more chance of falsifying the reality of AGW than does Ian Plimer of arguing that he was in fact right about volcanoes; you are just standing in the way of preventing human misery and environmental catastrophe on an unprecedented scale. Fortunately, the world is moving on without you; although it is very much like trying to fight with both arms tied behind your back… With regard to your polling data on the opinions of those that matter (in order to get things done), I would say you are a bit out-of-date: Given that “[m]ajorities of Democrats (78%), Independents (71%) and Republicans (53%) believe that global warming is happening [but] only 34 percent of Tea Party members believe global warming is happening, while 53 percent say it is not happening…” it is just right-wing, libertarian, ideologues who stand in the way now; and we will defeat you soon.


      • klem says:

        Um, this is your link; “The Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University is out with its latest poll today…” You provide quotes from a poll conducted by the Center for Climate Change Communication? Are you for real pal? Seriously, what would you expect aclimate change communications organization to find in apol? Lol! I’d say its left-wing, liberal ideologues like yourself who will be defeated, my heart goes out to you Altman ol’ buddy.


      • Rick_Altman says:

        So you are psychic now are you? Or may be just generalising like James does in “Watermelons“?


    • Donald says:

      Crickey! 🙂 Comments like these are bound to endear you to Rick. But you’re right, Rick seems to forget that “most” of the world’s scientists are also against AGW and say it is not true … it is only the geologists and climatologists and a few other lose cannons who are all for it. 🙂


  2. Rick_Altman says:

    OK, so one post by a Troll (me – I did it first) deserves another (thanks Klem). However, with regard to whether I am going to endear myself to anybody; I am not seeking to attack anyone personally – it is just illogical, unscientific, and ideologically-prejudiced thinking that I am determined to expose. Talking of which, I would love you to try and prove that “most of the world’s scientists” do not think AGW is real. I firmly believe the tide of history and reality is flowing against you and, before you decry me for citing Wikipedia, you should remember that, as a collaborative peer-reviewed online encyclopeadia, it is open to anyone to challenge and/or correct it. I would like to see someone try and prove it wrong on this one…


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